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John Joseph Donovan
John Donovan at MIT 2015 cropped.jpg
John J. Donovan at MIT in 2015
Born February 12, 1942
Lynn, Massachusetts
Nationality American, Irish
Citizenship United States
Alma mater
Known for Entrepreneurship, Information Technology, Philanthropy
Net worth $1 Billion[1]
Spouse(s) Linda Donovan
Website Professor John J. Donovan
Scientific career
Doctoral advisor
Doctoral students
John Donovan Signature.png
Jay-Yong Lee, George H. W. Bush and John Donovan at the opening of Samsung's chip factory in Texas.
Donovan with John Reed (Chairman, MIT Corporation) in MIT Building 10 (2015)

John J. Donovan (born 1942) is an executive training guru,[2] successful entrepreneur, tenured MIT Professor, and philanthropist who has been dubbed "the Johnny Carson of the training circuit" for his ability to make complex concepts relatable to business-owners and laymen during his tenure at MIT and subsequent business career.

Academic career[edit]

Donovan attended Lynn English High School, where a teacher noticed his gift in math and recommended him to Yale colleagues, where he obtained two master's degrees - one in engineering and one in science, and a PhD - from Yale University.[3] He subsequently was a Ford Postdoctoral Fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT),[3][4] where in 1969 he received the David A. Schultz Award for Excellence in Teaching in 1969 and the Student Teaching Award for years 1970-72.[5] In 1977, he became one of the youngest tenured professors at MIT.[6]

He authored multiple computer science textbooks, including Systems Programming (1972) and Operating Systems (1974), and his research focused on early work in operating systems, databases, and later applications of IT to business.[7][8] He also wrote business textbooks such as Business Re-engineering with Information Technology (1994) and Business & Technology: A Paradigm Shift (1993).[9][10] Donovan and his son, John Jr. co-authored a book titled The Second Industrial Revolution (1997).[11][12]

Donovan also served as an assistant clinical professor of pediatrics at Tufts University School of Medicine. He received two awards for his work at the Center for Birth Defects.[13][14] Donovan later lectured on Strategic Computing in Government while at Harvard University.[15] He received the first Honorary Doctorate in Economics from the University of Economics, Prague since the breakup of the Soviet Union.

Business career[edit]

Donovan started his business career by providing technical training for AT&T computer business personnel.[16][17] Later courses shifted towards sales and strategy training to executives. This led to Donovan devising a method of helping companies meet their customers' needs through workshops which he ran for over 200 companies including Hewlett-Packard, Oracle, IBM, and SAP.

Through these workshops Professor Donovan founded many companies including: Cambridge Technology Group, One Wave, Open Environment Corporation, Cambridge Technology Partners, and CellExchange.[18][19][20]

The total market cap of all companies he created exceeded $10.6 billion.[21]

Public Service[edit]

Donovan served on National Academy of Sciences Advisory Committee on Technology reporting to President Jimmy Carter. Donovan also worked with President George H. W. Bush's administration on the impact of the internet and applications for a program sponsored by DARPA.

Donovan worked with Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff General Richard Myers to develop the Joint Protection Enterprise Network (JPEN), a system developed in response to the September 11 attacks.[22][23]

Donovan also worked with Tip O'Neill and Ted Kennedy on birth defect legislation, which was based on Donovan's work at Tufts University School of Medicine Birth Defects Center.[24][25][26][27]

Along with his son John Jr., Donovan established the John J. Donovan Family Scholarship at Yale University.[28] Through his charitable organization Children’s Potential Unlimited, he donated computers to Connery Elementary School in Lynn, Massachusetts.[29]

Current Endeavors[edit]

Donovan is a Visiting Scholar at Harvard University[30] and is affiliated with MIT's Economics Department.

In 2009, Donovan was recognized by the Essex County Trail Association for his land conservation work.[31][32][33][34] Donovan has also done land conservation work in Vermont.[35]

He is the founder and chairman of SendItLater, an ecommerce platform that allows for gift scheduling.[36]

Personal life[edit]

Father and Son. John Jr died April 25th, 2015.

Donovan was born in Lynn, Massachusetts to John J. Sr. and Madeline Donovan. John J. Sr. was an elementary school teacher and part-time police officer. Madeline was a social worker. Donovan has mentioned that his father passed down a strong love for teaching. At Lynn High, a teacher noticed his unique ability to find patterns of mathematics and replicate them, and asked him to teach his peers. Inspired by the opportunity, Donovan credits this empowerment as life-changing.[37]

In August 2007, John J. Donovan was fined $625 for filing a false police report.[38][39][40]

Donovan is married to Linda Donovan.

He has five children, and worked closely with his son, John Jr. in all his companies and in John Jr's studies at Harvard and Yale. John Jr tragically died on April 25, 2015 after a battle with adrenal cancer.


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