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John Lindberg, mœrs festival 2010

John Lindberg (born March 16, 1959 in Royal Oak, Michigan) is an American jazz double-bassist.

Lindberg began his professional career at the age of 16, eventually moving to New York City in 1977.[1] There he played with the Human Arts Ensemble alongside Joseph Bowie and Bobo Shaw,[2] and he was in ensembles with Anthony Braxton from 1978-1985. In 1977, along with James Emery and Billy Bang, Lindberg co-founded the String Trio of New York.[3] In 1980 he formed a trio with Jimmy Lyons and Sunny Murray. From 1980 to 1983 he lived in Paris, playing there solo and with Murray, Steve Lacy, Eric Watson, and Louis Sclavis. He has recorded extensively as a leader. In addition to the above-mentioned, Lindberg has played with Tony Coe, Albert Mangelsdorff, George Lewis, Theo Jörgensmann, Barry Altschul, Ed Thigpen, Karl Berger, Susie Ibarra, Baikida Carroll, Wadada Leo Smith, Andrew Cyrille, Larry Ochs, Kevin Norton, Roswell Rudd and his collaborative projects, JazzHopRevolution, BLOB and Juggling Kukla.


As leader[edit]

  • Comin' and Goin (Leo, 1980)
  • Unison (Cecma, 1981) - with Marty Ehrlich
  • Dimension 5 (Black Saint, 1981)
  • Team Work (Cecma, 1982) - with Hugh Ragin
  • Relative Reliability (West Wind, 1982)
  • Give and Take (Black Saint, 1982)
  • Haunt of the Unresolved (Nato, 1983)
  • The East Side Suite (Sound Aspects. 1983)
  • Trilogy of Works for Eleven Instrumentalists (Black Saint, 1984)
  • As Tears Go By (ITM, 1987)
  • Shoot First (Ear Rational, 1989) - with Eric Watson
  • Dodging Bullets (Black Saint, 1992)
  • Quartet Afterstorm (Black Saint, 1994)
  • Resurrection of a Dormant Soul (Black Saint, 1996)
  • Luminosity:Homage to David Izenzon (Music & Arts, 1996)
  • Bounce (Black Saint, 1998)
  • The Catbird Sings (Black Saint, 2000)
  • A Tree Frog Tonality (between the lines, 2000)
  • Two By Five (between the lines, 2002)
  • Ruminations Upon Ives and Gottschalk (between the lines, 2003)
  • Winter Birds (between the lines, 2005)
  • Duets 1 (between the lines, 2006) - with Karl Berger
  • (a)live at Roulette, NYC (Jazzwerkstatt, 2011)

With the String Trio of New York[edit]

As sideman[edit]

With Anthony Braxton

With Human Arts Ensemble

  • Junk Trap (Black Saint, 1978)
  • Live! Volume 1 (Circle, 1978)

With Susie Ibarra

  • Flower by Flower (Tzadik, 2002)

With Wadada Leo Smith

With Kevin Norton


  • "Th Awakening" (2007) (with Ted Orr, Bill Bacon, Don Davis and Karl Berger)
  • "Halloween" (Clinical Archives 2008) (with Ted Orr and Harvey Sorgen)
  • "Quantum Fugue" (Lindy Editions 2008) (with Ted Orr and Harvey Sorgen)
  • "Earphonious Swamphony" (Innova Recordings 2009) (with Ted Orr,Harvey Sorgen, and Ralph Carney)
  • "You Can'y Get Ther From There" (Lindy Editions 2009) (with Ted Orr and Harvey Sorgen)
  • "A Night At The Opera" (2010) (with Ted Orr, Jake Sorgen, and Harvey Sorgen)
  • "Metalshop" (2010) (with Ted Orr and Harvey Sorgen)
  • "BLOB Goes To Mars" (2011) (with Ted Orr, Harvey Sorgen, Don Davis, and Mars Williams)
  • Third Ear" (2011) (with Ted Orr, Harvey Sorgen, and Curtis Bahn)
  • "Summer Shorts" (2012) (with Ted Orr and Harvey Sorgen)


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