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John Rodgers is a Brisbane-based Australian composer, improviser, violinist, pianist and guitarist.

Rodgers had an early background in classical music. He was the leader of the Australian Youth Orchestra, the Queensland Theatre Orchestra, and the Hunter Orchestra. With these and other orchestras, he toured Europe and Asia, often appearing as a soloist on violin. He graduated with a Bachelor of Music from the Queensland Conservatorium of Music in 1984.

Rodgers chose not to follow the path that led to a career in classical music, instead forming controversial sex-and-death cult rock band Madam Bones Brothel with Pearly Black and later playing improvised music in ensembles such as The John Rodgers Trio and Artisan's Workshop.

Rodgers is a founding member of the Australian Art Orchestra and was its Associate Artistic Director in 2005. He has worked with the New York performance artist Penny Arcade (Vienna Festival 1997), the Robyn Archer band and many of Australia's leading musicians and artists. He has performed solo concerts in the Adelaide Festival and the Melbourne Summer Music Festival.

Rodgers has produced many works in fields including music theatre and new media.

Creative output[edit]

Works composed by Rodgers include:


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