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John Scholl
John Scholl.jpg
Born John Scholl
May 8, 1980
Occupation Author, Marketing
Genre Cookbook, Craft Beer,
Years active 1980 – present

John Scholl, born May 8, 1980 in Bloomington, Illinois, is an American author, ManBQue founder, and Marketing Manager

As Writer[edit]

Eat Street.jpg

Upon Graduating from the University of Illinois Chicago, Scholl went on to write for the U of I Alumni Magazine before getting a job in radio at WTMX-FM. He began writing for the ManBQue food blog, as a sports contrubitor for Chicago Tribune's RedEye 5 on 5,[1] and then as a co-author of the 2015 cookbook release EAT STREET[2] (Running Press, a member of the Perseus Books Group).[3]


Scholl is a founder member of ManBQue, a global grilling organization that focuses on elevating outdoor cooked food to culinary enlightment. ManBQue has been on various TV shows, radio shows, and has two cookbooks.


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