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John Sencio
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Born Boston, Massachusetts
Occupation Television producer

John Sencio is an American television host, producer, radio personality and journalist. Mr. Sencio is also a 2-time cancer survivor [1] and motivational speaker. He currently resides in Los Angeles according to his official website.[2]

John Sencio grew up in Holliston, Massachusetts. Prior to working in television he was a counselor for young people with emotional and behavioral disorders. Sencio is a graduate of Emerson College, where he studied television, film, and radio.[3]

John Sencio was a popular VJ on MTV for four years during the mid-1990s. He hosted a number of shows on MTV including Rude Awakening, which aired music videos from 6 am to 7 am. He was known for writing and producing his own skits. He interviewed a number of celebrities, from music artists such as Snoop Dogg, athletes such as Wayne Gretsky, and movie stars including Nicolas Cage, Halle Berry, John Travolta, and Jodie Foster.[4] Sencio remained under contract to Viacom (MTV's Parent Company) until 1998.

John Sencio had a lower profile on television for a period after leaving MTV. During this time he did star in a short lived sitcom for Warner Brothers. He also had hosting stints on Simplify Your Life for the Fine Living Network, 48 Hour Wedding for PAX television network, and Movie Buzz for the Fox Entertainment Group. According to IMDB, Sencio had bit parts in motion pictures as well.[5] It is implied on his official website that this phase was a result of focusing on personal projects ranging from independent film to music.

John Sencio is cancer survivor. According to The Cancer Survivors Network,[6] it was during this early phase of his career that Sencio underwent chemotherapy and radiation therapy for Hodgkin's Lymphoma. He was treated at NYU Medical Center,[7] in New York City. On the American Cancer Society website site Sencio is described as having a “miraculous” recovery.

Mr. Sencio returned to higher profile roles on television in the mid-2000s.

In 2004 and 2005, he was an anchor and reporter for a nationally syndicated reality show, produced by NBC, called Home Delivery. This program was a blend of Daytime Talk and Broadcast Journalism. People Magazine described Home Delivery saying: Sencio would “fan out across the country to make dreams come true and hurts go away.”[8] Home Delivery was re-launched in 2009 on the ION Network. According to an article on John Sencio began motivational speaking in Los Angeles following Home Delivery.

In 2006 Mr. Sencio hosted and produced television specials as well as guest anchored the national news program The Daily Buzz.[9]

Sencio hosted 5 seasons of the television program Cash in the Attic that aired on Home & Garden Television (HGTV). The show is modeled on the BBC show of the same name. On the reality show, homeowners try to sell old or unused items from their home at auction. Sometimes the items sell for more than the estimate, sometimes less. According to an interview with USA Today “Sencio crisscrossed the USA helping families raise cash.”[10] This American version of Cash in The Attic premiered in the fall of 2005 and to date, according to IMDB, Sencio has hosted and produced 65 episodes.[11]

John Sencio revealed on the website Thryvor[12] that he was diagnosed with stage-4 Carcinoma, “head & neck” cancer, in 2012. After 6 months of aggressive surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation he was pronounced “cancer free” in 2013. In an interview he gave to the Escape from New York movie fan-site, Sencio explains he is developing a documentary about cancer survival. In the interview he says the mission of the documentary is to have a “positive impact on patients.”[13]

In 2013 Mr. Sencio resumed broadcasting, beginning with guest hosting stints on KFI am 640 Los Angeles.[14] As of 2012 KFI was the highest rated talk radio station in the United States.[15] According to LA Entertainment News, Mr. Sencio was the emcee for the 2016 Gilda Radner awards - an event to raise funds for the non-profit, Cancer Support Community of Los Angeles.[16]

According to NBC Universal's Home Delivery website, Sencio is married and has children.


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