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John Halcyon Styn
John Styn.jpg
John Halcyon Styn, 2011
Born (1971-05-28) May 28, 1971 (age 46)
San Diego, California
Other names Halcyon Lujah

John Halcyon Styn is an American blogger, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, web designer, author, and Web celebrity,[1] who "pushed the boundaries of online self-expression"[2] through his various online projects. He is currently the co-founder of 1st Saturdays,[3][4] a homeless outreach project, host of Hug Nation.[5]


Styn worked as the first Webmaster for Sony's "Station" E-commerce Mall and for[6]

Styn has won two Webby Awards, the first, as the designer and star of his personal website,,[7] and the second for a HugNation video podcast.[8]

Other projects have included:

  • Fears. Regrets. Desires, an NBC Internet-only, confessional story-sharing show. Host. [9]
  • FreshRealm, a food shipping company that uses reusable shipping technology. Chief Wisdom Officer.[10][11]
  • Anybeat, a social networking service based on pseudonymity.[12]
  • 1st Saturdays, a homeless outreach project based in San Diego.[3]
  • Hug Nation, which won the "people's choice" Webby Award in 2007.[5][13][14]
  •, an "alternative sexuality site" that sponsored the Masturbate-a-thon events.[15]
  • Pink Aid, a charity originally started to raise money for victims of Hurricane Katrina.[16][17]
  • "Porn Posse", an Internet services company.[18]
  •, an experimental webcam community.[2]
  • TheRealHouse, a live webcam-house that ran from 2000–2002[19]
  • The book, Love more. Fear less. (2010)[20]

Blogging career[edit]

Styn bought his first URL in 1996 to put his self-published zine, Prehensile Tales, on the web.[21] This first autobiographical ezine ran from 1996 to 2000.

He first achieved internet notoriety when one of his stories got him into trouble with Fruit of the Loom.[22] When they sent a cease and desist order on March 2, 1998 demanding that he take down a parody of their logo that he made for a blog post. The post is still up.

He is also a contributor for the Burning Blog, the official blog of Burning Man.[23]

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Association Category Result
2000 Webby Award Best Personal Website — Won
2007 Webby Award Reality — Hug Nation Won


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