John Thomas Howell

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John Thomas Howell
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Scientific career
InstitutionsCalifornia Academy of Sciences

John Thomas Howell (November 6, 1903[1] – May 7, 1994[2]) was an American botanist and taxonomist. He became an expert of Eriogonum (buckwheat) species, which are widely represented in the native California flora.

He was the assistant of Alice Eastwood (1859−1953), the renowned botanist and botanical collection director at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, California.

Taxa named for Howell[edit]

The genera Howellanthus (Scott Mountain phacelia) of the Boraginaceae and Johanneshowellia (Howell's buckwheat) of the Polygonaceae family are named in his honor.[3][4]

Taxa named by Howell[edit]

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