John de Soules (Guardian of Scotland)

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John de Soules
Arms of John de Soules (d.1310).svg
Arms of John de Soules; Barry of six argent and gules, a bendlet.[1]
Guardian of the Kingdom of Scotland
(Second Interregnum)
In office
Preceded by
Succeeded byRobert I (as King of Scots)
Personal details

Sir John de Soules (or de Soulis or Soules) (died 1310) was Guardian of Scotland from 1301 to 1304, at a crucial period in the Wars of Scottish Independence. He was a prominent member of the de Soules family.


John was the second son of the William de Soules (d. c.1292), Lord of Liddesdale and Ermengarde Durward. John had previously protected Galloway from Sir Andrew Harclay, Earl of Carlisle and Warden of the English March. He was appointed in 1292 as the custodian of Hugh Lovel. After the appointment of a Council of Twelve—in practice, a new panel of Guardians, by the leading men of Scotland, which sidelined King John Balliol in 1295, Soules was sent to France along with other envoys to negotiate an alliance.[2] In 1301 after the resignations of Robert the Bruce and John Comyn he was appointed Guardian of Scotland. John was exiled and died in France in 1310.

Marriage and issue[edit]

He married Halwise Stewart, the daughter of Alexander Stewart, 4th High Steward of Scotland and Jean Macrory, they had the following known issue:

  • Muriel, married Richard Lovel, had issue.


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