Jolly Harbour

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Aerial view of Jolly Harbour.
Beach at Jolly Harbour.

Jolly Harbour is a township on Antigua island, in Antigua and Barbuda.


The town is located in the southwest coast of the island in Saint Mary Parish, close to Bolans and south of Five Island Harbour. [1] Jolly Harbor is a part of Bolans Village in Antigua, it is not separate's a part of the Village of Bolans.


It contains shops, restaurants, holiday villas, private houses, golf-course and a marina and boatyard. The marina complex was developed over land that was not previously developed being swamp and beach. The amenities range for tourism and for the boats and yachts it serves. It is popular for expats to buy property in the gated community here. There are many fine restaurants and bars in the marina to serve.


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Coordinates: 17°03′58″N 61°53′14″W / 17.06611°N 61.88722°W / 17.06611; -61.88722