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Jonathan Beaumont

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Jonathan Beaumont is an author of a number of books on Irish interest. He also works as a tour guide.

Rails to Achill (2001)[1] describes the history of the Westport to Achill railway, which ran from 1894 to 1937.Achillbeg: The Life of an Island (2005) chronicles life on the island of Achillbeg, which was depopulated in 1965.[2] Research for the latter book was funded by the Community Foundation for Northern Ireland.[3]


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  • Beaumont, Jonathan & Carse, Barry: Rails Through the West (Colourpoint Press, 2012)
  • Beaumont, Jonathan & Carse, Barry: Rails Through North Kerry (Colourpoint Press, 2016)
  • Beaumont, Jonathan (18 September 2021). Rails through Connemara: the Galway-Clifden railway. Locomotion papers. Oakwood Press. ISBN 9780853617594. OCLC 1263340905.


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