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This article is about the American drummer. For the Scottish actor, see Jordan Young (actor). For the Scottish soccer player, see Jordan Young (footballer).
Jordan Young
Birth name Jordan Alexander Young
Born January 23 (2017-01-23)
Randallstown, Maryland, USA
Genres Rock
Instruments Drums
Years active 2002-present
Labels Sony, Warner Bros., EMI, Union, CR Japan, 111
Associated acts Cinder Road, Rookie of the Year, Dropout Year, WILLET, Injoy
Website Jordan Young on Myspace

Jordan Young (born Jordan Alexander Young, January 23, in Maryland) is a drummer, and currently plays for Maryland rockers Cinder Road. Jordan started playing just like the rest of them, every Sunday with the church band, it wasn't until he joined jam band Injoy in 2005 that he started playing in the club scene. In 2007, he joined the nationally known Christian Rock group, WILLET. He toured with them for a 6-month period, before leaving for unknown reasons. Later that year, Jordan joined the Owings Mills, Maryland based group, Dropout Year. Jordan left the band in October 2009 to join North Carolina based band Rookie of the Year. On May 11, 2010 on Cinder Road's Myspace it was announced Jordan had become the new drummer of the band. Jordan has stated in several interviews that his favorite drummer is Darren King of the band Mutemath. He has been featured on ABC, MTV, and E News, etc., and also appeared in Alternative Press magazine, and AMP magazine, Burrn! magazine numerous times.[1]

Young is endorsed by Pearl Drums and formerly with Shine Custom Drums, and Bosphorus Cymbals.[2]

Musical equipment[edit]

Young is endorsed by Shine Custom Drums and Percussion. When performing live his drum kit consists of: one snare drum (6.5"x13"), one tom-tom drum (7"x12"), one floor tom (14"x14"), and a bass drum (20"x22"). All drums are a Silver Sparkle/Turquoise Spark wrap.


This section lists albums and EPs on which Young has performed or been featured on.

Year Act Title Credits
2008 Dropout Year "On A Lighter Note" Drums on all tracks
2009 Dropout Year "The Way We Play" Drums on all tracks
2010 Cinder Road "Damage Control" Featured on Album


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