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José Antonio Maravall Casesnoves (1911 in Xàtiva – 1986 in Madrid) was a Spanish historian and essayist associated with the Generation of '36 movement.


Maravall studied philosophy and law at the University of Murcia, where he completed his final degree in political science and economics at the Central University, where he was a student of Jose Ortega y Gasset. He became a university professor in Spain and abroad. Maravall was head of the department at the University of La Laguna and the Complutense University of Madrid. He also became a member of the Real Academia de la Historia and the president of the Spanish Association of Historical Sciences.

During the rule of Francisco Franco Maravall avoided some of the more politically sensitive topics of his work. He wrote poetry during this period, and co-founded the Nueva Revista ("New Magazine") literary review with José Antonio Muñoz Rojas and Leopoldo Panero.

Maravall's work on Spanish history is considered foundational, and he is one of the highest authorities on the Old Regime of Monarchist Spain. In 1987, he received the National Essay Prize given by the Spanish Ministry of Culture. The University of Toulouse granted Maravall an honorary degree in recognition of his work.

His son, José María Maravall, was Education Minister in the first government of Felipe González in 1982.


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