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José Antonio Pavón Jiménez or José Antonio Pavón (April 22, 1754 in Casatejada, Cáceres, Spain – 1840 in Madrid) was a Spanish botanist known for researching the flora of Peru and Chile.

During the reign of Charles III of Spain, three major botanical expeditions were sent to the New World; Pavón and Hipólito Ruiz López were the botanists for the first of these expeditions, to Peru and Chile from 1777 to 1788.[1] The standard author abbreviation Ruiz & Pav. is used to indicate Pavón and his colleague Ruiz as joint authors when citing a botanical name.

The genus Pavonia was named in his honor by Antonio José Cavanilles [2] — plants with the specific epithet of pavonii also commemorate his name.[3]

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