José Leon de Carranza Bridge

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Jose Leon de Carranza Bridge
Puente Carranza abierto (2).JPG
Coordinates Coordinates: 36°29′59″N 6°15′17″W / 36.49972°N 6.25472°W / 36.49972; -6.25472
Carries  N-443 
Crosses Bay of Cádiz
Locale Bandera cadiz 01.jpg Cádiz
Bandera puerto real.svg Puerto Real
Design Bascule bridge
Total length 1.400 m
Width 13 m
Height 18 m (over the sea)
Longest span 90 m
Opened 1969, 28 of October
Daily traffic 40,000

José Leon de Carranza Bridge (also referred to as the Carranza Bridge) is a 1400 m bridge that connects the city of Cadiz to the mainland.[1] The bridge goes over the Bay of Cádiz. It forms part of the national net of roads with the number N-443. It is the first of the soon to be two entrances to the city of Cadiz, the second being La Pepa bridge,which is currently under construction. This bridge is also one of the longest bascule bridges in Europe.


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