José Leon de Carranza Bridge

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Jose Leon de Carranza Bridge
Puente Carranza abierto (2).JPG
Coordinates Coordinates: 36°29′59″N 6°15′17″W / 36.49972°N 6.25472°W / 36.49972; -6.25472
Carries  N-443 
Crosses Bay of Cádiz
Locale Bandera cadiz 01.jpg Cádiz
Bandera puerto real.svg Puerto Real
Design Bascule bridge
Total length 1.400 m
Width 13 m
Height 18 m (over the sea)
Longest span 90 m
Opened October 28, 1969
Daily traffic 40,000

José Leon de Carranza Bridge (also referred to as the Carranza Bridge) is a 1400 m bridge that connects the city of Cadiz to the mainland.[1] The bridge goes over the Bay of Cádiz. It forms part of the national net of roads with the number N-443. It is the first of the two entrances to the city of Cadiz, the second being La Pepa bridge. This bridge is also one of the longest bascule bridges in Europe.


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