Jose Migel Barandiaran

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Jose Miguel Barandiaran
Joxe miel barandiaran.jpg
Born (1889-12-31)December 31, 1889
Ataun, Basque Country, Spain
Died December 21, 1991(1991-12-21) (aged 101)
Ataun, Basque Country, Spain
Nationality Spanish
Other names On Joxemiel
Aita Barandiaran
Occupation Anthropologist, ethnographer, priest

Jose Miguel Barandiaran Aierbe, known as on Joxemiel Barandiaran (December 31, 1889 – December 21, 1991), was a Basque anthropologist, ethnographer, and priest.[1]

Early life[edit]

He was born in 1889 as the youngest of nine children to Francisco Antonio Barandiaran and María Antonia Ayerbe in the family baserri Perune-Zarre in Ataun.

Encouraged by his mother, he entered the priesthood aged 14 in Baliarrain and was ordained as a priest in 1914 in Burgos.

Career as an ethnographer[edit]

Soon after being ordained as a priest, he took up ethnographical studies of Basque culture and archeology around 1916 in the Aralar Mountains. He carried out invaluable research into folk traditions and collecting accounts and tales related to Basque mythology.

The Barandiaran memorial at the Santimamiñe cave.


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