Joseph Cumming

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Joseph Cumming
Alma materPrinceton University
Fuller Theological Seminary
Yale University
Spouse(s)Michele Pezdirtz Cumming (1984 - present)

Joseph Cumming is a scholar of Islamic and Christian thought who serves as pastor of the International Church at Yale University[1] and works internationally as a consultant on Muslim-Christian and Muslim-Christian-Jewish relations.[2][3][4] He was one of the architects of the "Yale Response" to the Common Word initiative of 138 prominent Muslim leaders and scholars.[5][6] He is also International Director of Doulos Community,[7] a humanitarian organization working in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania,[8] and is past president of the Federation of NGOs in Mauritania.[9] Cumming has published numerous articles[10] on issues affecting relations among the Abrahamic faith communities. He has lectured in Arabic at Al-Azhar University and other Islamic institutions and has taught courses at Yale Divinity School, as well as at Fuller Theological Seminary and other Evangelical institutions.[11] He has been interviewed in Arabic on Al-Jazeera and other Arab television networks,[12][13][14] and in English on American[15][16][17][18] and Canadian[19] television and radio, and in French and German by European and African news media.[20]


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