Joseph Müller (priest)

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Joseph Müller.

Joseph Müller (19 August 1894 – 11 September 1944) was a German Catholic priest and critic of the Nazi regime.

He was born in Salmünster in Hessen. He was the youngest of seven children of a teacher Damien and his wife Augusta. Two of his brothers also became Roman Catholic priests. After repeating a political joke, he was arrested and sentenced to death by the Volksgerichtshof in Berlin. He was executed by guillotine in Brandenburg-Görden Prison.

According to the 2007 documentary Laughing with Hitler, the joke was about a soldier on his deathbed, who asked to see the people for whom he was laying down his life. A portrait of the Führer was laid on his one side, a portrait of Göring on the other. Then, he gasped: "Now I can die like Jesus Christ, between two criminals."

Each year on the anniversary of death, a bell is tolled at his former parish church in the village of Groß Düngen.

On May 2016, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Hildesheim opened his cause of martyrdom, earning him the title Servant of God.[1][2]