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Josephine Knur, was an Australian actress recognised for her role as waitress Lorelei Wilkinson in television soap opera Number 96 in the 1970s. She was born in Melbourne.


Knur initially worked in the wardrobe department of Crawford Productions before leaving that role to devote her time to pursuing an acting career full-time, starting with training with the Crawfords acting school. Knur's attractive appearance led to an offer to appear in a decorative, semi-nude role in sex comedy film Alvin Purple, an offer that Knur rejected as it contained no real acting. After a brief appearance in an episode of police drama Division 4 in 1974, Knur was added to the cast of top rated soap opera Number 96 as the vivacious but dumb blonde waitress Lorelei Wilkinson. A comedy character in the series, Lorelei attempted to increase her vocabulary by learning a word a day from the dictionary, and then incorporating the new word into her daily conversation. The role also required Knur to appear nude, or in sexy and revealing costumes for those times she was dressed.

After more than six months in the series Lorelei was killed off in November 1974 when she became the first on-screen victim of the Pantyhose Murderer. Knur was immediately switched to the new soap opera The Unisexers that was created by the Number 96 producers, Cash Harmon Television, in early 1975. The Unisexers proved to be a ratings disaster that was cancelled and taken off air after only three weeks and 15 half-hour episodes. Thereafter Knur had difficulty gaining further acting work and quickly disappeared from the limelight.

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