Joshua Benoliel

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Joshua Benoliel
Joshua Benoliel.jpg
Born (1873-01-13)January 13, 1873
Lisbon, Portugal
Died February 3, 1932(1932-02-03) (aged 59)
Lisbon, Portugal
Nationality Portuguese British
Occupation Photojournalism
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Joshua Benoliel (13 January 1873 - 3 February 1932) was a Lisbon born photojournalist. He was the official photographer for King Carlos I of Portugal.


Joshua Benoliel was born in Lisbon, to Judah Benoliel, a Gibraltar-born Jewish trader, and Esther Levy.


He started working as a photojournalist for sports magazine Tiro e Sport, but most of his career was in the Portuguese newspaper O Século and its supplement Ilustração Portuguesa. He was also the Portuguese correspondent of Spanish newspaper ABC and French magazine L'Illustration. Benoliel covered the main events in Portuguese history during the early decades of the 20th century, including the downfall of monarchy and the Portuguese participation in World War I. But he was known to report on about everything, from society parties to common street scenes.