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Joss Sheldon (born 7 April 1982, Barnet, UK) is an international best-selling author who has released five novels; Individutopia (2018)[1], Money Power Love (2017)[2], The Little Voice (2016),[3] Occupied (2015)[4] and Involution & Evolution (2014).[5] He is known for his radical and rebellious style.[citation needed] His novels have been translated into German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Hindi and Turkish.

Joss Sheldon
Joss Sheldon
Joss Sheldon
Born (1982-04-07) April 7, 1982 (age 37)
Alma materLondon School of Economics, University of Liverpool
GenresMagical Realism, Historical Fiction, Epic Poetry, Political Fiction, Psychological Realism
SubjectsActivism, Psychology, Politics, Social Issues, Occupation, Palestine, Kurdistan, Tibet, Peace, War
Notable worksThe Little Voice
Involution & Evolution
Years active2014-
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Early life[edit]

Sheldon studied at the London School of Economics and the University of Liverpool. He worked for Burnley Football Club and Northampton Town Football Club,[6][7] before becoming an author.[8]

Involution & Evolution[edit]

Involution & Evolution (2014) is an epic poem with an anti-war theme. The main protagonist, a conscientious objector during WW1, is based on Jesus and Buddha.


Occupied (2015) is a work of magical realism, inspired by the occupations of Palestine, Kurdistan and Tibet.[9]

Sheldon told AXS that Occupied was based on the principle of divide and rule:

“I believe that deep down we’re all the same; we all share a common humanity; we all have hopes and dreams, strengths and weaknesses, fears and doubts. That’s a truly beautiful thing. But all too often we focus on the small differences which divide us. And that, for me, is a tragedy. It’s the greatest tragedy of all”.[10]

Free Tibet named Occupied as one of three books to read in 2016.[11] Buzzfeed called it "A must-read for any lover of radical literature".[12] The Daily Herald called it a "A chilling critique of modern society".[13] The Middle East Monitor said it had a "Simple, but strong political message".[14]

Occupied became an Amazon best-seller in June 2016.[15]

The Little Voice[edit]

The Little Voice (2016) is a work of psychological realism inspired by Sheldon's own life.[16]

Steve Topple of The Canary called it "Top notch" and "Radical":

"The Little Voice is radical, to say the least. But Sheldon’s style is warm, almost whimsical at times, and this means that even the most politically uninitiated reader will understand what he’s trying to say".[17]

Buzzfeed named The Little Voice as one of the "Five most thought provoking novels ever", placing it alongside such classics as George Orwell's 1984, and Franz Kafka's The Trial.[18] The Huffington Post called it "Fantastical, absurd and brilliant".[19] The Global Education Network called it "A compelling rhapsody of rhyme and reason"[20]

Money Power Love[edit]

Money Power Love (2017) is a work of historical fiction which follows the lives of three men who are united by nature but divided by their different upbringings.


"Individutopia" is a work of political dystopian fiction set in a time where corporations rule the roost. A small oligarch class own absolutely everything, inequality is extreme, and people have to pay to walk down the street or breathe the air.[21]

The Dallas Sun called it a "Modern classic"[22], The Bay Net called it a "Must read"[23], and The Canary called it "Gloriously colourful"[24].

Other Work[edit]

Sheldon has published a number of poems, which he has performed for Stop The Arms Fair.[25] He writes for Medium.


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