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Genre News programme
Country of origin Germany
Original language(s) German
Producer(s) DW
Location(s) Berlin
Running time 30 minutes
Original network DW
Original release 1992 – 22 June 2015
Followed by DW News
DW Nachrichten
DW Noticias
Related shows NHK Newsline
BBC World News
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The Journal was a news programme on DW broadcast from its studios in Berlin, Germany. It is broadcast every day, usually on the hour, and is available in English, German, Spanish and Arabic. DW now has separate 'channels' - DW Europe (broadcasting 18 hours of programmes in English and two three-hour segments in German at 0800-1100 UTC and 2000-2300 UTC), DW Amerika (broadcasting 20 hours in German and 4 in English), DW Latinoamérica (24-hour Spanish-language programming), DW Asien (24 hours of German), DW Arabia (7 hours of English, 17 hours of Arabic) and DW (24 hours in English). These are broadcast via satellites to different parts of the world, but all these channels can be viewed via the media centre on DW's website and are often relayed via local broadcasters/channels.

The Journal was first broadcast in 1992 when DW was known as RIAS TV. Major rebrands of the Journal took place in 1999, 2002 and 2006.

The Journal ended on 22 June 2015 after DW-TV reorganized and the programme succeeded by DW News (German: DW Nachrichten, Spanish: DW Noticias).[1]


There are three, 15 and 30-minute editions of the Journal throughout the day at differing times.


For the 30 minute broadcast, two news anchors to-and-fro relaying the news. These editions also offer a business news segment, complete with on-screen ticker depicting European and German stocks, shares and commodity changes.

The English-language Journal is 30 minutes long during weekdays at 0100, 1400 and 1900 UTC. The Spanish-language Journal is half-an-hour long at 2200 and 0100 UTC (prime-time for Latin American viewers). The 30-minute Journal in German can be seen at 1300 and 2100 UTC.


Similar to the weekday edition, apart from sports news is shown, rather than business. Also, the last 15-minute segment of each 30-minute broadcast is allotted to one of the following:

  • Journal - Interview (German Interview, Spanish: Entrevista)
  • Journal - Reporters (German and Spanish: Reporter)
  • Journal - The Week (German: Die Woche, Spanish: La Semana)
  • Journal - Business Review (German: Wirtschaftsbilanz, Spanish: Semana de Economia)

2006 Revamp[edit]

The Journal was revamped in June 2006. This included moving to a new studio, new music title composed and new graphics lower third of the screen.

2009 new look[edit]

The programme was again revamped in 2009. On weekdays, Journal With Business or Journal mit Wirtschaft in German, was aired alongside Journal with In Depth (in German: Journal mit Tagesthema). A new edition, Journal with Business Review or in German, Journal mit Wirtschaftsbilanz broadcast along with three editions such as Journal with Interview or Journal mit Interview in German, was broadcast on weekends. Journal with The Week (in German: Journal mit Die Woche) and Journal with Reporters (in German:Journal mit Reportern).

2012 new look[edit]

As of 2012, the Journal has new format following the rebrand of DW-TV to DW in February 2012. Spanish-language programming was limited to two hours per day until this rebrand and now DW offers 24-hour coverage in Spanish. The Arabic-language output has also increased. In order to facilitate these extra commitments, the Journal is now no longer always 30 minutes in any language. There are three-minute summaries (most common), 15-minute editions and full 30-minute programmes.


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