The Indian Tomb (1959 film)

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The Indian Tomb
German film poster
Directed by Fritz Lang
Produced by Artur Brauner
Screenplay by Thea von Harbou
Fritz Lang
Werner Jörg Lüddecke
Based on Das indische Grabmal by Thea von Harbou
Starring Debra Paget
Paul Hubschmid
Walter Reyer
Claus Holm
Valéry Inkijinoff
Sabine Bethmann
Music by Gerhard Becker
Michel Michelet
Cinematography Richard Angst
Edited by Walter Wischniewsky
Central Cinema Company
Rizzoli Film
Regina Production
Critérion Film
Distributed by American International Pictures
Release date
Running time
102 minutes
Country West Germany
Language German

The Indian Tomb aka. Journey to the Lost City, or in original German, Das indische Grabmal, is a 1959 German-French-Italian adventure drama film directed by Fritz Lang.

It is the second of two films comprising what has come to be known as Fritz Lang's Indian Epic; the other is The Tiger of Eschnapur (Der Tiger von Eschnapur). The film was based on the novel Das indische Grabmal, written by Lang's ex-wife, Thea von Harbou, who had died in 1954. In 1960 American International Pictures obtained the rights to both films and combined them into one film called Journey to the Lost City. Curiously, when it was dubbed into the Spanish language, they were shown as two separate films (one being the continuation of the other).

In popular culture[edit]

The film is probably best remembered for Debra Paget's "snake dance scene".


At its initial release, especially German film critics were negative about The Indian Tomb. Die Welt even wrote: "Here lies Fritz Lang, once creator of important films like Metropolis and M. The 'Indian tomb' is his own." [grave as a filmmaker][4] In contrast to those opinions, the contemporary American film critics are positive about the film.[5]

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