Juan Bigas Moulins

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Juan Bigas Moulins
Born 15 June 1863[1]
Barcelona, Spain
Died 19 June 1934[1]
Ponce, Puerto Rico
Occupation businessman

Juan Bigas Moulins[note 1] (1863[1][2]–1934) was a nineteenth-century Puerto Rican businessman in Ponce, Puerto Rico.[3]

Early years[edit]

Juan Bigas Moulins was born on 15 June 1863 in Barcelona, Spain, and immigrated to Puerto Rico when he was eight years old. His parents were Francisco Bigas and Margarita Moulins.[4] His father established a bakery in Peñuelas, and by age 12 Bigas Moulins was helping in his father's business.


Upon the death of his father, Bigas Moulins moved the Peñuelas bakery to the corner of Plaza Degetau and Corcordia streets in Ponce, converting it into a flour and dry goods business called "La Catalina".[4] The company operated in the 1920s.[5] It was later moved to calle Estrella in Ponce and named "Las Mercedes", operating as a bakery and soda crakers factory business.[4]

During the 1920s, Bigas Moulins was a domestic producer of soda crackers who sold and advertised his soda crackers under the name "Sport Sodas".[6]

Family life[edit]

Bigas Moulins married in Puerto Rico in 1887.[7]


In the 1970s,[8] a building was erected on the block formed between Cantera, Estrella, Salud, and Guadalupe streets in Ponce to replace the original Plaza del Mercado de Ponce Isabel II marketplace building. This original structure was located on the block bounded by Atocha, Castillo, Victoria, and Leon streets. The new building was named the Plaza de Mercado de Ponce Juan Bigas Moulins (Juan Bigas Moulins Ponce Marketplace), in honor of Bigas Moulins. It functioned as Ponce's Plaza de Mercado marketplace for some twenty years while the original Plaza de Mercado Isabel II underwent renovations. In addition to having a building -- today called Ponce Servicios -- named after him, Bigas Moulins is also honored at Ponce's Park of Illustrious Ponce Citizens.[9]


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  1. ^ This name uses Spanish naming customs: the first or paternal family name is Bigas and the second or maternal family name is Moulins.

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