Juan de Guzmán

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Juan de Guzmán
Tlatoani of Coyoacán
Reign 1526–1569
Predecessor Hernando Cetochtzin
Died 1569
Issue Juan
Full name
Juan de Guzmán Itztolinqui
Father Quauhpopocatzin
Mother The daughter of Huitzilatzin

Don Juan de Guzmán Itztolinqui (reigned 1526–1569[1]) was a post-Conquest tlatoani (ruler) of the altepetl (ethnic state) of Coyoacán in the Valley of Mexico.

Juan de Guzmán's father was Quauhpopocatzin, a previous ruler of Coyoacán, and his mother was a daughter of Huitzilatzin, a ruler of Huitzilopochco.[1][2] He was thus a great-great-grandson of Huitzilihuitl, the second Aztec ruler of Tenochtitlan. He was installed as tlatoani by Hernán Cortés in 1526, after the death of his elder brother Hernando Cetochtzin in 1525 during Cortés's expedition to Guatemala.[1]

Don Juan married a niece of Carlos Ometochtzin, a Texocan lord who was burnt at the stake in 1539[1] for continuing to practise the pre-Hispanic religion.

Upon his death, he was succeeded by his son Juan de Guzmán the younger.[3]


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Preceded by
Hernando Cetochtzin
Tlatoani of Coyoacán
Succeeded by
Juan de Guzmán the younger