Jub Jub Phool Khile

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Jub Jub Phool Khiley
Directed by Iqbal Akhtar
Produced by Riaz Bukhari and Shariq Chaudhry
Written by Zahida Masroor
Screenplay by Masroor Anwar
Starring Waheed Murad
Mohammad Ali
Ibrahim Nafees
Music by M Ashraf
Edited by A. Saeed
Release date
  • 21 November 1975 (1975-11-21)
Running time
180 minutes
Country Pakistan
Language Urdu

Jub Jub Phool Khiley was a Pakistani film in Urdu language, released on 21 November 1975. It starred Zeba, Waheed Murad, Mohammad Ali and Nadeem.[1] The film went on to be a super-hit at the cinemas all over Pakistan and completed 50 weeks on the big screen and became a golden jubilee film.[2]


In a house like any other, live a lawyer, his wife, their 3 sons (Naeem, Saleem and Nadeem) and their nanny Surayya. During his lifetime, the lawyer has made many enemies including the convicts he has put in jail. On a stormy night, one of those convicts, now a free man, arrives at his doorstep to seek revenge. Although the lawyer does not fear his imminent death, the convict, named Raja Daaku says he will kill off the lawyer's whole family. The lawyer's wife tries to save her husband but gets shot in the process and her husband meets the same fate. The three boys are separated in the confusion. Surayya, the nanny, runs in desperation with the only child she can save, Nadeem, and the other two boys run off by themselves. Naeem manages to catch a train but Saleem is not quick enough to get on the train and is left behind.

Years later, all three boys have grown up and meet completely different fates, unaware of each other's whereabouts.

Naeem (Mohammad Ali) has been adopted by a wealthy land owner and has become a lawyer and also handles his adoptive father's business. He marries his childhood sweetheart Naila. Saleem (Waheed Murad) was caught by Raja Daaku and brought up as a big smuggler thief. He takes revenge from Raja Daaku and kills him.

Super-hit film song[edit]

  • "Be-Iman Chahun Tujhay Subah Shaam", Sung by Mehdi Hassan, film song lyrics by Masroor Anwar and music by M Ashraf[3]


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