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Judy Klein (born 14 April 1943) is an American pianist, music educator and composer.


Judy Klein was born in Chicago, Illinois, and later moved with her family to Los Angeles, California. She studied music at the University of California, Berkeley, and continued her studies at the Conservatory of Music in Basel, Switzerland. She graduated with a Master of Arts degree from New York University, after studying with Thomas Kessler, Reynold Weidenaar, Lilli Friedemann and Ruth Anderson. She continued her studies in computer generated music at the Brooklyn College Center for Computer Music with Charles Dodge, and also worked at the center as a guest composer.[1]

After completing her studies, Klein taught computer music and composition at New York University and founded a computer music studio there. She also worked as a guest lecturer at various colleges and conservatories, and as a consultant for electro-acoustic music preservation at Lincoln Center's New York Public Library for the Performing Arts.[2]

In an interview with Peter Shea, Klein talks about the generation of her piece "The Wolves of Bays Mountain," as well as other aspects of her work.[3]

Her music is recorded on ICMA, SEAMUS, Cuneiform and Open Space compact discs.


Selected works include:

  • The Wolves Of Bays Mountain
  • Elements 1.1: sulphur, phosphorus; diamond (1992–93) for tape


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