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Jugnu 1973 film poster.jpg
Film poster
Directed by Pramod Chakravorthy
Produced by Pramod Chakravorthy
Written by Sachin Bhowmick
Gulshan Nanda
Ehsan Rizvi
Starring Dharmendra
Hema Malini
Prem Chopra
Nazir Hussain
Lalita Pawar
Master Satyajeet
Music by Sachin Dev Burman
Cinematography V.K. Murthy
Edited by R.M. Tipnis
Distributed by Pramod Films
Gala Entertainment Corp.
Release date
30 August 1973
Country India
Language Hindi

Jugnu (English: firefly) is a 1973 Indian Hindi movie produced and directed by Pramod Chakravorty. The story is about an extremely intelligent crook with a "Golden" heart (Dharmendra) who has the remarkable ability to steal from the most protected setups. The movie also stars Hema Malini, Lalita Pawar, Mehmood, Prem Chopra, Nazir Hussain, Ajit and Pran.The music is by S. D. Burman and the lyrics by Anand Bakshi. . It went on to become a box-office "Superhit" becoming the second highest grossing film of 1973. It had great songs, most notably the Diwali song picturised beautifully on Dharmendra and sung by Kishore Kumar, "Deep Diwali ke Jhute". The song became a runaway hit going on to become an all-time a chart-buster of its time. Another notable feature of the film is the popular dialogue written by Sachin Bhowmick, "Baap ke naam kaa sahara kaamzor log lete hai", Meaning: "Only the weak seek to be known by their father's reputation" which was said on two occasions by Dharmendra and Pran. It went on to become one of the most loved and famous dialogues of all-time in Hindi cinema. Jugnu Remains a cult classic of Hindi cinema and represents one of Dharmendra's finest performances. This film was remade into Tamil in 1980 as Guru.


Actor Character
Dharmendra Ashok Roy 'Jugnu'
Hema Malini Seema
Pran Shyam
Prem Chopra Ramesh
Mehmood Mahesh
Lalita Pawar Mrs. Ghanshyam Das
Jayshree T. Sheela
Manmohan Mike
Raj Mehra Inspector General
Nazir Hussain Shyam's Father
Kamal Kapoor Police Inspector
Brahm Bhardwaj Mr. Mazumdar
Dhumal Sheela's Father


Songs from the Film

01.Deep Diwali ke Jhute By (Kishore Kumar) Picturised on Dharmendra

02.Pyar ke Is Khel mein By (Kishore Kumar) Picturised on Dharmendra

03.Jaane Kya pilaaye tune By (Lata Mangeshkar) Picturised on Hema Malini and Dharmendra

04.Woh Apni Yaad Dilane By (Lata Mangeshkar) Picturised on Hema Malini

05.Jab baaghon mein jugnu By (Lata Mangeshkar) Picturised on Sheela Suman and Mehmood

06.Gir Gaya Jhumka By (Kishore Kumar) and (Lata Mangeshkar) Picturised on Dharmendra and Hema Malini

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