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La Juine à Ormoy-la-Rivière.jpg
The Juine in Lendreville (Ormoy-la-Rivière)
Country France
Basin features
Main source Forest of Chambaudoin
110 m (360 ft)
48°15′46″N 2°04′12″E / 48.26278°N 2.07000°E / 48.26278; 2.07000
River mouth Essonne
46 m (151 ft)
48°32′12″N 2°22′20″E / 48.53667°N 2.37222°E / 48.53667; 2.37222 (Essonne-Juine)Coordinates: 48°32′12″N 2°22′20″E / 48.53667°N 2.37222°E / 48.53667; 2.37222 (Essonne-Juine)
Progression EssonneSeineEnglish Channel
Physical characteristics
Length 53 km (33 mi)

The Juine is a French river, 53 kilometres (33 mi) long. It is a left tributary of the river Essonne.

Its source is in Loiret, in the forest of Chambaudoin, less than 3 km south-west from Autruy-sur-Juine. Its name originates in the hamlet of Juines which she runs alongside before re-entering the Essonne department, in which it runs through several communes: Méréville, Saint-Cyr-la-Rivière, Ormoy-la-Rivière, Étampes, Étréchy, Chamarande, Janville-sur-Juine, Bouray-sur-Juine, Lardy.

It also runs through the parks of several châteaux (Saint-Vrain, Chamarande, and Mesnil-Voisin) and once served several now-abandoned mills. From the 15th to the 18th century, it combined with the Essonne and Seine rivers to form a navigable waterway for flat-bottomed boats carrying wheat from Beauce towards Paris. It joins the river Essonne between Itteville and Vert-le-Petit, near Ballancourt-sur-Essonne.

Communes it runs through[edit]

In Loiret 
In Essonne 
Méréville ~ Saclas ~ Saint-Cyr-la-Rivière ~ Boissy-la-Rivière ~ Ormoy-la-Rivière ~ Étampes ~ Morigny-Champigny ~ Étréchy ~ Auvers-Saint-Georges ~ Chamarande ~ Lardy ~ Janville-sur-Juine ~ Bouray-sur-Juine ~ Saint-Vrain ~ Itteville ~ Vert-le-Petit