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Julian E. Buesink (September 4, 1921 – September 23, 1998)[1] was the car owner and crew chief of Bill Rexford's 1950 NASCAR Grand National Series (now Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series) championship run and his teammate Lloyd Moore.[2]

Buesink's drivers competed in 156 NASCAR races with two wins (Rexford and Lloyd) and 64 Top 10 finishes.[2] Other drivers include nine drivers in 1951, Bob Duell between 1956 and 1960, and he ended with Cale Yarborough driving for him between 1961 and 1963.[2] He drove in his own car for one race in 1951, starting seventeen and finishing 27th.[1]

He was a resident of Findley Lake, New York,[1] where he owned and operated an automobile dealership.


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