Julius Roger

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Julius Roger
Born (1819-02-23)February 23, 1819
Niederstotzingen, Germany
Died January 7, 1865(1865-01-07) (aged 45)
Fields hospitals; entomology; folklore
Known for building hospitals in Silesia
identifying over 400 new insect species
collecting folk songs

Julius Roger (23 February 1819 – 7 January 1865) was a German medical doctor, entomologist and folklorist who worked in Ratibor, in Upper Silesia, most notable for having arranged (and raised the necessary monies) to build hospitals in Groß Rauden, Pilchowitz, plus the current public hospital in Rybnik.[1]

He is also notable for collaborating with entomologist Ernst Gustav Kraatz, contributing to Gustav Kraatz's founding German Entomological Institute collections; for identifying and discovering over 400 new species of beetles plus other insects; and also for collecting folk songs (a collection of 546 songs huntsmens songs, pastoral and farmers songs, Gypsy songs, ballads, and love songs)[1]


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