June 1980 assassination attempt on Hafez al-Assad

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June 1980 assassination attempt on Hafez al-Assad
Part of Islamist uprising in Syria
June 1980 assassination attempt on Hafez al-Assad is located in Damascus
June 1980 assassination attempt on Hafez al-Assad
Location of the assassination attempt.
LocationGuest Palace, Damascus, Syria
Date26 June 1980 (Local time)
WeaponsHand granades, machine gun
Deaths1 bodyguard (+2 attackers)
Suspected perpetrators
Muslim Brotherhood

On 26 June 1980, an assassination attempt on Hafez al-Assad, the Syrian president, was carried out by Muslim Brotherhood supporters who threw two grenades and fired machine gun bursts at him as he waited for an African diplomat in the Guest Palace in Damascus.[1][2][3] Assad kicked one grenade out of range, whilst one of Assad's bodyguards threw himself on the other grenade.

The attack came in the context of the Islamist uprising in Syria. The attack on the president prompted a series of deadly retaliations by the government troops, most notably the Tadmor prison massacre, carried out the next day. Ten days later Law No. 49 was passed, making membership of the Muslim Brotherhood a capital offence punishable by death.[1]

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