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June Jago (c. 1926 – August 2010) was an Australian-born actress.[1][2]


She made her stage debut in Australia and came to Britain in the 1950s with a touring production of Summer of the Seventeenth Doll.[3] She made her film debut in 1959 in Please Turn Over, alongside Ted Ray, Jean Kent, Leslie Phillips and Joan Sims.[4]

She appeared in two of the Carry On films - Carry On Regardless (1961) and Carry On Doctor (1967) - [5] and her other film credits included roles in The Captain's Table (1959), No Kidding (1960), Journey into Darkness (1968), The Games (1970) and Melody (1971). She appeared on television in programmes such as Catweazle and The Good Life.[6]

Onstage, she appeared with the Royal Shakespeare Company and the Royal Court Theatre.[7] She also appeared in the Australian films The Man from Snowy River (1982),[8] Double Deal (1983) and Departure (1986).

Jago returned to Australia in the late 1970s and continued to act, notably with the Melbourne Theatre Company, and also worked as a teacher of acting and elocution.[9]


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