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Jurgen Faust (born 1955 in Germany) is a design professor who has worked in four different countries as a Professor for Design, Theory and Media as well as an administrative Dean. He is a co-founder of a private university in Germany, as well as a developer of many undergraduate and graduate programs in a variety of fields.

Over the past years he has specialized in managing through designing and published about the idea transferring design methods and processes into the Management field, based on his work about a comprehensive theory to describe design processes. He also taught design and design theory. He contributed to a variety of books and publications. In addition he is a practicing researcher, designer, and artist, who showed in many places, including museums and galleries in Europe, Germany, France, England, Italy, Poland and Slovakia as well as the United States.

Faust is currently the President Macromedia University of Applied Sciences in Munich where he teaches Design and Design Theory.


Faust graduated in 1997 from Reutlingen University in Chemistry. At the Free Academy in Nuertingen he studied and graduated in Fine Arts 1982. In 2014 he finished his PhD at the Planetary Collegium, University of Plymouth, UK on the topic of "Discursive Designing Design, Towards a comprehensive Design Theory".


He started his professional career 1986-1999 as the Co-Founder, Co-Director and faculty of the Kunstseminar Metzingen (now University of Applied Sciences Schwaebisch Hall[1]).

In 1997 he became Dean at the Department of arts and Media at the University of Applied Sciences Metzingen. In 1998 he worked as a Visiting Professor at the CSU, Cleveland State University. At the Cleveland Institute of Art, Design and Media Design he worked as a Professor from 1999 until 2006. Meanwhile, he got appointed as Dean of Integrated Media Environment and was responsible for T.I.M.E (Technology and Integrated Media–where he was also the Chair from 2000–2006), and for the redesign of curricula in Print Media, Drawing, Illustration, Communication Design as well as Biomedical Communication.

In spring 2005 he was also responsible for Visual Communication, Medical and Scientific Illustration. As Dean of Academic Affairs and Chief Academic Officer he worked from January until December 2006 at the CEDIM in Monterrey,[2] Mexico, and from January until June 2007 he worked as the Professor of Design and Design Theory at the Monterrey Tecnologico. Since May 2007 he is the Chief Academic Officer at the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED), Group, Milan (Italy) and works as Professor for Media Design at the University of Applied Sciences Munich, MF Munich.

Since August 2006 he has been Professor for Digital Media and since October 2008 Dean at the Macromedia University of Applied Sciences for media and communication. From 2008 - 2013 he was the Dean at MHMK, Munich, Germany. Between 2010 - 2013 as well the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Research, MHMK Munich, Germany Since 2013 he is the acting President Macromedia University Munich, Germany


For 20 years he has taught and built up graduate and undergraduate programs in design schools. For more than 10 years he has headed digital arts programs, initiated curriculum design and lead the process of development and implementation. He works closely with industry exposing students to real world problems and possible solutions.

Selected Exhibitions (*solo shows marked by asterisk)[edit]

  • 2006
    • BoMA Gallery, Columbus Ohio, screening of video projections
  • 2005
  • 2004
    • Heights Arts, solo exhibition, August 2004, "hermeneutic circle"
    • Annual Faculty exhibition Cleveland Institute of Art
    • Elevation Art exhibition, connecting 13+
  • 2003
    • Siggraph 2003, Wall works series, San Diego, Catalogue
    • 2nd CLEVELAND BIENNIAL – photographic and digital media
    • Annual faculty exhibition, Cleveland Institute of Art
  • 2002
  • 2001
    • Exhibition Museum Leon Wyczolkowski, Bydgoszcz, Poland, Catalogue
    • ANNUAL FACULTY EXHIBITION at the Cleveland Institute of Art
    • Presented by Gallery Eva Mack, Kunst Messe Zurich, Switzerland
  • 2000
    • Exhibition "Working Digitally: No Web Sites Please" At Storrs, At Stamford, Connecticut
    • ANNUAL FACULTY EXHIBITION at the Cleveland Institute of Art

Performances and drama projects[edit]

  • 1995

Performance Kunstforum Weilheim/Teck, A closed system


PERFORMANCE in the National Gallery, Slowakia, ‘ It is five to noon’ HAPPENING "7x7"; Catalog together with 4 students


THEATRE PRODUCTIONS, Elektra, Sophokles, Stuttgart, Aalen, Nürtingen, Metzingen THEATRE PRODUCTION, Antigone, Sophokles, Stuttgart, Rottenburg


PERFORMANCE in the Gallery Lillo MUSICAL PERFORMANCE in Pirmasens, Atelier Fritz, Schmenger


PERFORMANCE: "Rot, aktiv kinaesthetisch und visuell erleben" ("Red, experienced kinesthetically and visually") FIRST MUSICAL PERFORMANCE, "Klangkollagen" ("Sound Collages"), performed in the Bastion in Kirchheim/Teck and elsewhere TWO HAPPENINGS together with Iso Wagner in the Kuenstlerhaus Stuttgart, Reuchlinstrasse , PERFORMANCE "NECKARBLICK" ("View of the Neckar") with Iso Wagner


HAPPENINGS in the framework of the exhibition this exhibition in the municipal art museum "Kornhaus" in Kirchheim Teck; FOUNDER OF THE ARTISTS' GROUP "HAUPTSACH FERTIG" with Hilmar Braun, Joachim Walter and Wolfgang Fritz

Selected publications[edit]

  • CATALOG Jürgen Faust, Joachim Walter, paintings 1981, Nürtingen
  • CATALOG *Hauptsach fertig* with Wolfgang Fritz, Joachim Walter and Hilmar Braun, Kirchheim/Teck
  • CATALOG *NATUR UND KUNST, EINE DENKPROBLEMATIK* (*Nature and Art, an Intellectual Problematic*), Juergen Faust, Metzingen 1990
  • CATALOG *Zur Morphologie der Begriffe* (*On the Morphology of Concepts*), Juergen Faust, Exhibition in the Queen's Hall in Hexham/England, 1992
  • CATALOG *Juergen Faust*, exhibition in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia, introduction by Dr. Alena Vrbanova, Banska Bystrica 1992
  • CATALOG 7x7, Metzingen 1993
  • ON THE UNIVERSALITY OF CREATIVITY*, Juergen Faust and Fritz Marburg, eds., Lit-Verlag: Muenster/Hamburg 1994
  • CATALOG *JUERGEN FAUST*, exhibition in Pirmasens "Hin zu Begriffen" ("Towards Concepts"), introduction by Dr. Alena Vrbanova, Pirmasens
  • 1995 CATALOG "JÜRGEN FAUST", exhibition in the Galery Maas und Guth-Maas, Reutlingen
  • 1996 From The Object To The Process - Culturdesign, Essay published in Metzingen, Kunstseminar Freie Hochschule
  • CATALOG ‘MONOTON’ Jürgen Faust Kunsthalle Servas und Ludwig Museum Koblenz, 1997
  • CATALOG IMPULSY, BWA, Wroclaw and Muzeum Zielona Gora, Poland, 1998
  • CATALOG, Annual summer exhibition, Bratislava 1999, Curated by Victor Hulik
  • CATALOG, "Painting Function: Making It Real" Spaces, Cleveland, Catalog, Curated by Saul Ostrow.
  • VOM SINN MULTIPLER WELTEN, Hrsg, Robin Wagner, Volker Demuth, Koenigshausen& Neumann, hier: Verschiedene Ebenen der Wirklichkeit, Wuerzburg 2000
  • CATALOG, transition-99/00/01, Jurgen Faust, Exhibition Museum Leon Wyczolkowski, Bydgoszcz, Poland
  • CATALOG, Electronic Art und Animation Catalog, Siggraph 2003, San Diego
  • "Dialogues in the realm of Managing as Designing", Jurgen Faust and Fred Collopy, Cleveland 2003
"Purposes in lieu of goals; enterprises in lieu of things", in Managing as Designing, Stanford Press 2003, Richard Boland, Fred Collopy
  • CD-ROM CATALOG, "hermeneutic circle"Heights Arts, solo exhibition, Cleveland 2004, introduction Dr. Harvey Hix
  • Chapter in Designing Information and Organizations with a Positive Lens Michel Avital, Richard Boland, and David Cooperrider, Fall 2006
  • Positive design, Jurgen Faust Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology Volume 60 , Issue 9 , Pages1887 - 1894
  • Faust, J. (2010), ‘Designing design and designing media’, Technoetic Arts:

A Journal of Speculative Research 8: 1, pp. 109–114, doi:10.1386/tear.8.1.109/1

  • Jurgen Faust and Valentina Aurrichio, Eds., Design for Social Business, setting the stage; 2011, Lupetti, Milano.
  • Sabine Junginger and Jurgen Faust, Eds., Designing Business and Management; 2016, Bloomsbury Academic.


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