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The Woman Director

Jürgen Vsych (/ˈjʊərɡən ˈvzɪk/;) is the writer-director of the films Pay Your Rent, Beethoven, which won the Prince's Trust Award,[1] Son for Sail, Ophelia Learns to Swim, and Tyrannosaurus Tex. Her films have been shown in forty-nine film festivals in thirty countries. Vsych's journal was included in the book World Cinema: Diary of a Day.[2][3]

Vsych is the author of The Wroughten Director and the historical novel Captain Death.

Wroughten Movies[edit]

Wroughten Movies, Vsych's production company, derives from the word "wrought", and is also a wordplay on "rot." The company's motto is, "Not the same old rot."[4]

In her autobiography, The Wroughten Director, Vsych writes: "When I was learning to read, I tried sounding out the name of a sign I saw on Venice Boulevard, 'WROUGHT IRON.' Mom said it was pronounced 'rot,' and it meant that the iron was very good, very well-crafted. Later that afternoon, I went to nursery school and painted with Matilda Gomez. When Matilda painted a really good picture of a boat, I said, 'That's wroughten.' She said, 'It is NOT!' and stabbed me in the eye with her paintbrush.".[5]

The Woman Director[edit]

The Woman Director: The Adventures of a Really Independent Filmmaker Ages 6–36 by Jürgen Vsych is the first autobiography of an American female film director. It is only the third memoir ever written by a woman director (the other two are by Alice Guy Blache and Leni Riefenstahl), and it is the first written in English.[6] It is based on Vsych's 17,256-paged diary and describes how she graduated from making one-minute Super 8 films financed with baby-sitting money and edited with her father's toenail clippers, to writing, directing & producing the 35mm feature film Ophelia Learns to Swim.

Partial filmography[edit]


  • Ophelia Learns to Swim - starring Julia Lee
  • Ralph Nader Crashes the Two Parties (2004, Nader for President 2004 Campaign Biography)
  • Son for Sail starring John Vickery
  • Pay Your Rent, Beethoven (1992) - Winner of The Prince's Trust Award.[7]
  • "The Music Scholarship" (1989)
  • "Tyrannosaurus Tex" (1974)[8]
  • "Go To Your Tomb, Young Lady" (1973)
  • "The Rocks Go On A Picnic" (1972)[9]


  • Captain Death (2017) Historical novel
  • The Woman Director (2006) autobiography, ISBN 0-9749879-0-5
  • What Was Ralph Nader Thinking? (2008) biography of the consumer advocate and presidential candidate, ISBN 978-0-9749879-2-7


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