Just Disgusting!

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Just Disgusting!
Cover of Just Disgusting (North American version)
AuthorAndy Griffiths
IllustratorTerry Denton
Cover artistTerry Denton
GenreChildren's fiction, short story
PublisherPan Macmillan Australia
Publication date
Media typePrint (Paperback)
Preceded byJust Crazy! 
Followed byJust Shocking! 

Just Disgusting! is the fifth book in the Just series by Andy Griffiths. Some copies of the book additionally came with stickers.

The book won a BILBY Award in the Younger Readers category in 2004.[1]

101 Really Disgusting Things[edit]

Andy lists 101 disgusting things, of which the next-to-last one contains a long story of all the major things Andy lists, and the last one is the list of itself.

Brussels Sprouts Andy uses strategies to try to avoid brussels sprouts. Using four strategies, from feeding one to the dog, to sneezing one out, he is soon forced to eat one as he describes his hatred and taste excessively. In order to have dessert, Andy must eat all five. What he finds out later, is custard for dessert, which he also hates.

Go to Bed![edit]

Andy reads a book then Mum tells him to go to bed. But then, his Dad comes, really angry then argues. Then, Andy tells lies. But his ultimate lie was that he needed to do his homework. Then, he says to his teddy bear: "Tomorrow I'll stay up really late!" ending the story. (Note: This story is written as a poem, with footnotes on almost every line)

Cake of Doom[edit]

Andy, or the reader is part of an interactive story of a pick-your-destiny plot. It is Mother's Day and you must prepare and make a cake for her. The book says that you don't know to make a cake but Andy is won't take a detail like that to not make one. After going through 23 parts of either the bad ending of you dying for some crazy reasons, or moving on, part 23 ends with the cake accidentally killing Andy's dog, Sooty, as well as the rest of his family, which the police arrest him for murder and brings the death penalty back just for him. He is hanged by the neck until he is dead and then the story ends. The last sentence of all of the bad endings is "You die."

Two Brown Blobs[edit]

As a comic strip format, Andy is in the bathtub with his rubber duck and suddenly two brown blobs appear (speculatively poo), Andy tries to avoid them dodging them but over time they multiply. The rubber duck tells Andy a plan - to open the drain to empty the tub of the brown blobs. Once Andy has filled tub up again he asks to his rubber duck if he farted. Two more blobs appear, and the story can possibly loop.

Shut Up![edit]

Andy's family has been stuck in their camper for a week on their vacation raining every day. Andy and his sister Jen fight over games and mistakes while the time passes. Dad tries to read the newspaper but asks them to shut up as well. A family having a great day in their camper tells Dad to shut up and with the door opened he and the Dad of the their family tells one another to shut up. Jen and Andy continue to fight, and Dad gets so sick of it he steps outside in the rain as the paper wets up and crumples.

Fun With Andy and Danny[edit]

Andy and his best friend Danny find everyday things to play with over the house. As the reader gets the impression of a beginning reader's story, the font size of the story is big. Andy and Danny play with a fan, milk, toilet paper and their dog. Seeing the mess, Andy's parents get upset so they have to suck up all of the mess they have created. However, they pretend the vacuum cleaner is a sucker-upper, and they create even more chaos.


A play about a dead fly starring fly's. Based on: Cinderella.

The Story of the Very Stupid Boy and the Very Big Slug[edit]

A story made out of many genres and, hence the name, the Very Stupid Boy (Danny) ends up catching a slug for a science project and somehow, it keeps growing bigger! The smart boy (typically Andy) is making a time machine and tries to stop him and the slug from destroying the world before it's too late! Ironically, the story is dedicated to Lisa Mackney, the girl of Andy's dreams, and this may be just to impress her.


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