Just Say the Word

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Just Say The Word
Studio album by Josh Kelley
Released June 6, 2006 (digital, 1)
July 25, 2006 (physical release)
January 4, 2007 (digital, 2)
Genre Pop rock
Length 41:22 (physical release)
Label Threshold Records
Producer Josh Kelley
Josh Kelley chronology
Almost Honest
(2005)Almost Honest2005
Just Say The Word
Special Company
(2008)Special Company2008

Just Say The Word is Josh Kelley's third album, his first on his own independent label, Threshold Records. To date there has been three different releases with different tracks.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Josh Kelley except as noted.

Physical release
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Opposite Of Me" J. Kelley, The Matrix 3:14
2. "Pop Game" J. Kelley, Charles Kelley, Dave Haywood 3:26
3. "Just Say The Word" J. Kelley, C. Kelley, Haywood 4:10
4. "Cain And Able"   5:00
5. "Lady Of Mine"   3:45
6. "How The Story Goes"   4:31
7. "Beautiful Goodbye"   3:13
8. "You Are A Part Of Everything"   4:08
9. "Fools Like Me" J. Kelley, Dave Bassett 3:09
10. "Mississippi River Girl" J. Kelley, Joe Firstman 2:13
11. "Bound To Keep Movin'"   2:58
12. "Just Say The Word [Encore]" J. Kelley, C. Kelley, Haywood 1:28

Both US iTunes versions remove the track "Mississippi River Girl", replacing it with "Talking in Circles", but placed before "Fools Like Me" instead of after. Different bonus tracks are featured on each release. The album was subsequently deleted from the US iTunes Store.