Kösterbeck (nature reserve)

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Coordinates: 54°03′16″N 12°13′54″E / 54.05445°N 12.23156°E / 54.05445; 12.23156

Wood, pasture and lakeland

Kösterbeck (German: Naturschutzgebiet Kösterbeck) is a nature reserve in the German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, which was established in 1986. Its territory was expanded in 1990 and reduced on 13 June 1995. It derives its name from a stream flowing from east to west through the area, also called the Kösterbeck, a tributary of the Warnow.

Its conservation aim is to preserve and develop the very undulating and varied moraine landscape of Rostock Switzerland with a stream system and adjoining lean pasture, spring bogs and wet meadows.


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