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K-Narias in concert (2007)
Background information
Origin Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
Genres Reggaeton, Pop
Years active 2004 – Present
Labels Estudios Multitrack(spain) UBO(Usa) DCM Records (Mexico)
Website www.k-narias.com
Members Gara Hernández
Loida Hernández

K-Narias is a music group reggaeton formed by Gara and Loida, twin sisters born on the 12th of January 1985 and raised in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.[1][2]

K-Narias identify themselves with the urban genre, music that comes from the “street”. K-Narias fresh look, modern and sensual at the same time, makes them stand out among the very few female artists of the genre.


The Spanish twins Gara and Loida hail from Tenerife in the Canary Islands. The name of the band is K-narias, pronounced Ka-na-rias, which comes from Canarias, Spanish for Canaries . Gara and Loida grew up in a barrio, Tenerife's capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Reggaeton is already a mixed style of music from Panama & Puerto Rico, but is also popular in Latin America, the United States, in certain parts of Spain but mostly Canary Islands. After the twins were spotted by talent agents in Tenerife in 2004, they were invited to audition in Madrid. And not long after, Gara and Loida were down in Puerto Rico recording their debut album with the top of the top reggaeton producers. Their debut single in Spain was the song "No te vistas que no vas."

Las K-Narias had collaborated with reggaeton artists such as Nicky Jam, Baby Ranks, Angel Lopez, Tony Touch, Pedro Preze, Julio Voltio, Don Chezina, Mr.Phillips,and Barbero.

Also With reggaeton producers such as

  • Luny Tunes
  • Noriega
  • Master Chris.

Las K-Narias made a song with Jose Feliciano called "Un Pedacito De Navidad" which is found on their third album "K-N".


  • Gara Hernández Rubio - singer
  • Loida Hernández Rubio - singer


Music videos
  • "Oye Mi Canto Feat.Barbero"
  • "No Te Vistas Que No Vas"
  • "Todos Tenemos Que Luchar"
  • "Quiero Que Bailen"
  • "Un pedacito de navidad" Feat. Jose Feliciano
  • "Himno de Canarias"
  • "Abusadora"
  • "No vale la pena"
  • "Ni tu ni yo"
  • "Take It Easy"
  • "De canarias para el mundo"
  • "El que a hierro mata"
  • "Juntitos los dos"
  • "La conoci bailando"
  • "Pechito"


Premios Ace Nueva York[edit]

  • Premio Ace De Nueva York

Premios Fama[edit]

  • Artista Revelacion 2008

Premios Estrella[edit]

  • Mejor Duo Del Año 2008

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