K-PEX 100

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K-Pex 100
Manufacturer Kingston
Type Portable media player
Retail availability since 2006
Media 1 or 2 GB flash memory,
miniSD expansion slot
Operating system K-Pex UI
Display 2" backlit TFT screen
resolution 220x176
Input Power button, D-pad, "Play"
"Select" "Menu" "Esc" buttons
Connectivity USB 2.0
Dimensions 3.74" x 1.79" x 0.57"
(95mm x 45.5mm x 14.5mm)
2.3 oz. (65 g)

The K-Pex 100 (Kingston Portable Entertainment eXperience) is a portable media player produced by Kingston Technologies. It is capable of playing transcoded videos (.mpx), viewing still images (.jpg), and playing music files (.mp3, .wma). It also comes with 2 games. It is a rebranded Cenix GMP-M6, which is from Korea. Production of the K-PEX has been discontinued.

Supported formats[edit]

The Kingston K-Pex-100 is capable of playing various formats of audio, video, picture, and game files.

Audio formats[edit]

MP3, WAV, WMA (protected), Ogg (Q10)

Video formats[edit]

WMV, ASF, MPEG 1 & 2, and AVI can be transcoded into the supported MPX format. The .mpx format is based on the mp4 format. It is unclear what codec it uses for both video and audio. The transcoded files are transcoded to the exact size of the screen to ensure minimum file size.

Picture formats[edit]


Game formats[edit]


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