K. Sridhar

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K. Sridhar
Born 27 May 1961
Known for Twice Written, Particle Physics of Brane Worlds and Extra Dimensions

K. Sridhar (born 27 May 1961) is an Indian scientist conducting research in the area of theoretical high energy physics and a writer of fiction.


K. Sridhar obtained a PhD in Physics in 1990 from Mumbai University. After his doctoral studies he worked in the University of London and CERN, Geneva. He has collaborative associations with CERN, Geneva; LAPP, Annency; DAMTP, Cambridge and University of Orsay, Paris. Today he is a Professor of Theoretical Physics at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai.


His current interest is primarily in theories of extra dimensions but he has also made contributions to quantum chromodyamics, supersymmetry, grand unification and electroweak physics. He has made significant contributions to brane-world models of extra dimensions, quarkonium physics and R-parity violating supersymmetry. He has published a book Particle Physics of Brane Worlds and Extra Dimensions with Sreerup Raychaudhuri which is published by Cambridge University Press in the series Cambridge Monographs on Mathematical Physics [1].


Sridhar recently released his debut novel, Twice Written, published by Popular Prakashan, Mumbai. Twice Written addresses important existential and philosophical questions through the lives of three young people living in Bombay in the 80's. Twice Written was reviewed in The Hindu and the Deccan Herald.[1][2]

Sridhar has begun working on his second novel, Ajita.


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