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KDR 444 (Norwegian "kortdistanseradio", Swedish "kortdistansradio", "short distance radio") or KDR, is a licence-free personal radio service in the UHF range used in Sweden and Norway. It is usually referred to as SRBR 444 (Short Range Business Radio) in Sweden. Transmitters are limited to 2 W ERP (previously 1 W) in Sweden[1] and 0.5 W in Norway. FM with a bandwidth of 16 kilohertz (25 kHz in Norway) is used.[2]


There are eight channels (originally six).

Channel Frequency (MHz)
1 444.600
2 444.650
3 444.800
4 444.825
5 444.850
6 (new) 444.875
7 (new) 444.925
8 (old #6) 444.975

Channels use FM. Frequencies 444.875 and 444.925 are available in Sweden but may not be available in some other regions (such as Norway); older equipment may also lack these new frequencies. Consequently, 444.975 is likely to be called channel number six on such devices.

European use[edit]

KDR 444 is specific to parts of Scandinavia and is not cleared for use across the European Union.[3]

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