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Stable release
v0.10.0[1] / October 29, 2018; 2 months ago (2018-10-29)
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Written inJavaScript
Operating systemCross-platform
TypeMathematical software
LicenseMIT License

KaTeX is a cross-browser JavaScript library that displays mathematical notation in web browsers. It puts special emphasis in being fast and easy to use.[2]

It was initially developed by Khan Academy,[3] and became one of the top five trending projects on GitHub in September 2014.[4]


KaTeX rendering of math claims to be:

  • Fast: It renders its math synchronously and doesn’t need to reflow the page.
  • Print quality: Its layout is based on TeX.
  • Self contained: It has no dependencies, so it can be easily bundled.
  • Capable of server-side rendering: it has an option to generate HTML on the server (so, for example, one can pre-render expressions using Node.js and send them as plain HTML).

However, compared to MathJax, it handles only a more limited subset of LaTeX's mathematics notation.[2]

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