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Kabando wa Kabando is a Kenyan politician. He belongs to TNA and was elected to represent the Mukurweini Constituency in the National Assembly of Kenya he is currently serving his second term having been elected the first time in the Kenyan parliamentary election, of 2007. Kabando wa Kabando is described as a compassionate leader with insights and foresight on social trends. As a former student Leader Kabando has been an agitator for reforms that positively affect the common Mwananchi by calling leaders to account for their time in Office. As a Leader in office Kabando is on record as citing chapter six of Kenya's Constitution on Integrity as his pet subject. Kabando's CDF track record indicates a keen focus on provision of Bursary funds for education to the less fortunate of his Constituency.

Mukurwe-ini is one of the administrative Sub-county covering an area of 179.5 Km2. Mukurwe-ini borders Ndia Constituency in Kirinyaga to the south-east, Mathira and Tetu Constituencies to the North, Othaya Constituecy to the West and Kiharu and Mathioya Constituencies (Murang'a) to the south. Mukurwe-ini Sub-county has 15 administrative locations namely Gakinduini,Ruthanji,Mbuini, Giathugu,Igana,Mweru, Gikondi,Gathuitu, Githi,Thangathi, Muhito,Muyu, Rutune,Mutundu and Thanu; which are further subdivided into 32 sub-locations.



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