Kadavil Malika

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Kadavil Malika
Kadavil Malika.jpg
Kadavil Malika - Origin of Maramon Convention
Built 19th century
Restored 10 September 2005
Restored by Marthoma Church
Governing body Marthoma Church

Kadavil Malika is a historic place in India, associated with the origin of the Maramon Convention. It is a house in Kallissery and was built by Unnittan Kathanar (1767–1852) and his son Abraham Kathanar (1822–1884) also known as Kadavil Achen, in the early 19th century.

By 1877, there were two factions in the Malankara Church, known as Methran Kakshi and Bava Kakshi. By a court verdict on 12 July 1889, Methran Kakshi lost all the properties. Just before the verdict was given,on 5 September 1888, 12 members of the Methran Kakshi formed a missionary group called "Mar Thoma Evangelistic Association." They met at Kadavil Malika, the house of Chempakassseril Kadavil Mathuchen (1860–1897) and Chempakasseril Kadavil Abraham (sons of Abraham Kathanar and grandsons of Unnithan Kathanar).

These 12 members are considered to be the founding fathers of the Maramon convention. The names of these 12 members are:-

  1. Kottarathil Thomas Kasseessa, Chengannur
  2. Edavamvelil Mathai, Eraviperoor.
  3. Kottooreth Yohannan, Chengannur
  4. Chempakasseril Kadavil Abraham, Kallissery
  5. Chakkalayil Cherian Upadesi, Puthencavu
  6. Chempakasseril Kadavil Mathuchen, Kallissery.
  7. Azhakinal Thommi, Kallooppara
  8. Nathaniel Upadesi, Chengannur
  9. Kurichiath (Vattadiyil) Ittiyavara, Niranam
  10. Arangat Philipose, Maramon
  11. Ottaplammoottil Kunju Mathew, Kallissery
  12. Kochumannil Skariah, Edayaranmula

(This historic Kadavil Malika was reclaimed by the Marthoma Church and has recently been renovated and recommissioned on Saturday, 10 September 2005.)

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