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Industry Video game
Founded 1996 (original)
September 2007 (incorporated), 2014 (large business)
Founder Kazuyuki Usui
Headquarters Nishi-Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
Number of employees
Website kairopark.jp

Kairosoft (カイロソフト) is a Japanese video game developer located in Tokyo, Japan that has created a number of simulation games for cell phones and PCs. Founded in 1996, the company has developed a number of mobile games for the Japanese market and has found success in porting them to the modern iOS and Android operating systems.[1] The company was ranked 30th in Pocket Gamer's "top 50 developers of 2012" list.[2]


Kairosoft was founded as a dōjin games developer in 1996, and is currently located in the Nishi-Shinjuku district of Tokyo with only nine employees at the start and now they have 450 employees.[1] They started out developing simulation games for the Windows platform, the first of which was released in 1996 and simulated a used bookstore, and another example was the original Game Dev Story released in 1997, with a sequel released in 2001.[3] In 2001, Kairosoft switched to developing mobile simulation games for the Japanese cell phone market, which was much more developed than America's.[1][4] The company was incorporated in September 2007, and launched a new website on November 4, 2008.

With the release of Game Dev Story for iOS and Android in 2010, Kairosoft found itself a large hit, which reached the top ten in iPhone app sales in its first week.[5] Kairosoft continued to port over games that it had previously developed for other platforms. Pocket Gamer ranked Kairosoft 30th on its "top 50 developers of 2012" list, calling Kairosoft games a "genre in their own right" but noting that they still were mostly a niche in the market.[2] Now they are releasing a port of World Cruise Story for the Windows 10 platform.

List of Kairosoft's English games for WildTangent[edit]

Name WildTangent release date Latest update
Anime Studio Story June 7, 2015 [6] August 15, 2016 (1.19)
Beastie Bay April 10, 2013 June 10, 2016 (3.12)
Biz Builder Delux May 16, 2016 Not yet updated
Bonbon Cakery August 23, 2016 Not yet updated
Legends of Heropolis Christmas 2016 N/A
Dungeon Village August 15, 2013 June 30, 2016 (2.31)
The Manga Works Thanksgiving 2016 N/A
Skyforce Unite! June 17, 2016 Not yet updated
Mega Mall Story April 10, 2012[7][8] October 1, 2016 (4.15)
Magazine Mogul August 15, 2015 June 17, 2016 (1.27)
Kairobotica April 16, 2013 June 7, 2015 (2.51)
Game Dev Story June 10, 2011 October 2, 2016 (5.83)

List of mobile games available in English[edit]

List of computer games available in English[edit]

Game Name Operating System
Blue Sky Squadron Windows 10
Cafeteria Nipponica Windows 8
Departure!! Shipping Freighter Windows 10
Dragging Cat Rebel Windows 8
Excitement! Manga Dojo Windows 8
Game Center Club Windows 10
Manga Path Windows 8/10
Mega Mall Story Windows 7/10
Million March Windows 7
Munch Munch Kairo-kun Not defined
Outdoor Excavation Company Windows Vista/7/8
Piko Piko! Game Expo Windows 10
Prestigious Pocket Academy 1 & 2 Windows 7
Royal Gallery Academy Windows Vista
World Cruise Story Windows 10

List of untranslated games[edit]


  • Departure!! Shipping Freighter (Keitai only)
  • Dragging Cat Rebel
  • Excitement! Manga Dojo (iOS and Keitai only)
  • Friends Entertainment Building
  • Game Center Club
  • Good Ramen Museum ~National Hen~
  • Manga Path
  • Million March (Keitai only)
  • Munch Munch Kairo-kun
  • Outdoor Excavation Company (Keitai only)
  • Piko Piko! Game Expo (Keitai only)
  • Prestigious Pocket Academy 1 (Android and Keitai only)
  • Royal Gallery Academy (Keitai only)
  • Social Game Dev Dream (Android and Keitai only)
  • Start!! Hero Base
  • Wai Wai! Game Dealer (iOS and Keitai only)
  • Witch Quest


  • Bookstore Story
  • Game Developing Countries
  • Game Developing Countries II DX
  • The Narrow Path to Manga
  • The Secondhand-book Store
  • The Secondhand-book Store 2


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