Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Cemetery

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Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtnis-Friedhof - Kapelle.jpg
Cemetery chapel
Established 1896
Location Berlin
Country Germany
Type Protestant cemetery

The Protestant Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Cemetery (German: Der evangelische Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtnis-Friedhof) is a burial ground in the Westend district of Berlin with a size of 3.7 hectares. The cemetery is under monument and cultural heritage protection.

The cemetery is located on Fürstenbrunner way, adjacent to the cemetery Luisenfriedhof III and is connected by two paths.


The Protestant Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church was established in 1896 due to the growing Lutheran population in West Berlin. Luisen parish gave the congregation of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church a 4.7 hectare site for the founding of its own cemetery.

The inauguration of the cemetery with the first burial took place on 25 July 1896.

In 1903,a cemetery chapel was built. Until then, they used the facilities at the adjacent cemetery Luisenfriedhof III. The chapel was designed in Romanesque style and the dedication of the chapel took place on 27 September 1903.

Unique among the chapels on Berlin cemeteries, was to establish a burial vault system. In the World War II the chapel was badly damaged. The chapel was rebuilt in 1952/1953 and 1978 with extensive renovations.

Notable burials[edit]

Notables buried include:



Coordinates: 52°31′33″N 13°16′40″E / 52.52583°N 13.27778°E / 52.52583; 13.27778