Kajaani (river)

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A Federley Kajana 1908.jpg
Timber floating in the Ämmäkoski rapids
Physical characteristics
Main source Lake Nuasjärvi
River mouth Lake Oulujärvi

The Kajaani, Finnish: Kajaaninjoki; Swedish: Kajana älv, is a river in the Province of Oulu and in the region of Kainuu, Finland.

The river runs from Lake Nuasjärvi to Lake Oulujärvi through the town of Kajaani. From there the waters flow through the Oulujoki river into the Gulf of Bothnia. The river drains a chain of lakes that originates in the municipalities of Kuhmo and Sotkamo in Kainuu (Finnish: Sotkamon reitti).

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Coordinates: 64°13′52″N 027°43′10″E / 64.23111°N 27.71944°E / 64.23111; 27.71944