Kali the Mother (book)

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Kali the Mother
Kali The Mother first edition cover page.jpg
Kali The Mother first edition cover page
Author Sister Nivedita
Language English
Publisher Swan Sonnenschein & Co
Published in English

Kali the Mother (1900) is an English book written by Sister Nivedita. Kali is a popular Hindu goddess who is considered to free her worshippers from fear (anxiety) and all troubles. In this book Nivedita celebrated this Indian goddess Kali.[1][2]


  • Title Page
  • Contents
  • Concerning Symbols
  • The Vision of Siva
  • Two Saints of Kali
  • The Voice of the Mother
  • A Visit to Dukineshwar
  • An Intercession
  • The Story of Kali
  • Kali the Mother
  • Works by the Swâmi Vivekânanda


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