Religion and Dharma

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Religion and Dharma
Religion and Dharma (1915) title page.jpg
Title page of Religion and Dharma, 1915 edition
AuthorSister Nivedita
PublisherLongmans, Green, and Co.
Published in English

Religion and Dharma (1915) is a book written by Sister Nivedita.[1][2] In this book Nivedita has discussed on the common principles of individual and social growth according to the law of Dharma.[3]


Nivedita travelled to India in 1898. She was closely in touch with student community of India, especially Bengal. Generally Indian word Dharma is translated to English as Religion, but, in this book author has these two are different and how Dharma has a larger and more complex significance. This book is a collection essays. In this book author has discussed on several aspects on Hinudism like, Hindu Rituals, Mukti, "Hinduism and Organization", sectarianism, renunciation, religion and national success etc.[4]


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