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Owned byKalnapilio-Tauro grupė
Active beers
Name Type
Original Helles
Grand Dortmunder
Pilsner Pilsener
7.30 Maibock
Kalnapilis in ICE Ice beer
Two bottles of Kalnapilis beer

Kalnapilis is a Lithuanian brewery, established by Albert Foight in Panevėžys in 1902. A landowner of German origin, Foight named the brewery Bergschlösschen, meaning a small castle on the hill.[1] In 1918, the name was changed to a Lithuanian equivalent of Bergschlösschen, Kalnapilis.[2]

Kalnapilis was taken over by Baltic Beverages Holding (established by Pripps of Sweden and Hartwall of Finland) in 1994.[1] Ownership passed to Royal Unibrew in 2001, which merged the Kalnapilis with Tauras brewery in Vilnius into AB Kalnapilio-Tauro Grupė.[2]

In April 1996, new fermentation and storage equipment enabled significantly different processing, the result being the introduction of three new brands.[1] The brewery has an annual maximum capacity of 600,000 hectolitres.[3]

Kalnapilis won two gold awards at the 2004 World Beer Cup, the Olympics of beer competitions; one in the German Style Heller Bock or Maibock category, for 'Kalnapilis 7.3', and one in the Muenchener style Helles category, for 'Kalnapilis Original'.[2]

In 2007, "Kalnapilis" introduced a new type of beer "3 malts".[4] In 2007, "Kalnapilis" became the major sponsor of the basketball club "Žalgiris", but already in 2008, after reducing the support, it lost this name.[5][6]

The brand has a significant presence in sports advertising, and promotes a sporty image.[1][7]


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